Welcome to the RageCraft Store!

This is the place where you to enhance your RageCraft experience while supporting our community. We offer ranks which give you in game permissions which allow you to do other lots of things. You can choose the product category in the menu


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

These are some questions that are asked a lot that you may find useful. 

When will i recieve my items?

It usually takes 5 minutes, but during server events and holidays it could take up to 45 minutes. If you do not recieve your items in 24 hours then you can contact us.

Can I use my country’s currency to make a purchase?

Yes! We accept most world currencies. You will notice that you can change the currency display at the top of any web store pages. Payment will be automatically update once you select it.

The store is not letting me make a purchase, something about fraud protection?

There could have been some issues with some of your past payments, which could be preventing you from using our web store. If you are getting any problems completing your purchases, please contact us.

Please understand that any fraud attempt against us will result in us contacting local authorities, which could get you into serious trouble. Make sure you read our License Terms and Conditions agreement before making your purchase, as you will be required to accept it to proceed.

What if I am in the mood to chargeback?

If you do chargeback whethere it is an accident or not you will have your rank revoked and you will be be banned automatically. You cannot be unbanned as this is a huge offense. If you chargeback we have every right to take legal actions. So be careful and do not chargeback. If you accidently chargeback you can contact us.

How do I contact you, I have more questions?

Just simply shoot us an email at admin@ragecraft.net!